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      by Published on 05-12-2015 10:28 AM
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      After Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) expressed his interest in pursuing her, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) said she would like to go out to dinner and get to know each other better.

      Attending a movie premiere last night, Grace was asked whether or not Kevin ...
      by Published on 05-12-2015 10:08 AM
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      Though fans of Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jay Chou (周杰倫) may know that he suffers from a spinal inflammation disease, few know how serious his ailment can be. One of Jay’s close friends, Taiwanese singer Will Liu (劉畊宏), recently revealed that ...
      by Published on 05-12-2015 09:08 AM
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      Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Damian Lau’s (劉松仁) Limelight Years <武則天> was met with a warm reception. Peaking at 30 ratings points, the drama attracted 2 million local viewers, once again proving the magnetism of Liza’s star power.

      In its third week of ...
      by Published on 05-11-2015 10:38 AM
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      Joey Yung (容祖兒) appeared on TVB’s StarTalk to promote her new EP me, re-do, her first original release in two years. In the interview, she also opened up about her relationship with Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) and her perspective on marriage.
      by Published on 05-11-2015 09:38 AM
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      Making headlines with their 22-year age difference, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) finally admits that he is interested in pursuing 23-year-old Grace Chan (陳凱琳).

      After romantic rumors surfaced during their collaboration in Blue Veins <殭>, Kevin and Grace were both quick ...
      by Published on 05-11-2015 09:08 AM
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      Sire Ma’s (馬賽) pure image was thrown in the dirt after her scandalous affair with Mainland businesswoman Wang Ziqi (汪子琦) was exposed in 2013. Her reputation tarnished, Sire was briefly suspended by TVB and was without work for many months.
      by Published on 05-08-2015 10:18 AM
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      Above: “The Greed of Man Star” David Siu speaks about his career in the 1990s.

      David Siu (邵仲衡) and Carol Yeung (楊羚) made an appearance in the latest episode of Now TV’s talk show Entertainment Judge <娛樂審死>. Chatting with host Leung Sze Ho (梁思浩), ...

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