“Beauty and the Three Musketeers” Nana, Lizzy, and Lee Ju-yeon, still After School friendship

Nana, Lizzy and Lee Joo-yeon boasted of their After School friendship, which still remains.

Actress Nana, a former member of girl group After School, released a photo of her recent work on her Instagram account on Monday.

In the photo released, Nana is having a friendly face-to-face photo with Lizzy and Lee Joo-yeon, both graduates of After School appears to have attended their acquaintance’s birthday. The three showed off their friendship that still lingers even after the groups breakup, making fans happy.

Nana recently starred in the drama “Justice.”

Original Post : Nate

1. [+27 , -3] Okay please come back ㅠㅠI’d like to their songs again.

2. [+3 , -1] I’m looking forward to a wonderful reunion

3. [+0. -0] Looking good

4. [+3 . -0] Orange caramel lipstick is still a masterpiece

5. [+3 . -0] Orange Caramel
After a long time
Nice ^^

6. [+2 , -0] Oka, there are so many good songs. Aren’t you coming back?

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