New girl group ‘Byulzzi’ member Harin and Tiffany look like?

On the 6th, the agency reported that there is a member who has become a hot topic in the three-member new girl group ‘Byulzzi’ that challenges the trot genre. The agency said Harin, one of the three Byulzzi members, is making headlines for her appearance resembling Tiffany. Byulzzi is 3 members girl group that proudly claims to be trot idol.

Bright and refreshing trot girl group “Byulzzi” is set to debut in August.

Source : Instiz

1. Oh, the picture on the right really looks like you.

2. I Think I’m drunk on you
It’s probably Tiffany’s picture.

3. Girls’ Generation, Hyoyeon
Although it is a standard difference, it only appears with the intention of attracting attention by mentioning a famous person from the point of view of a social fan.

4. Too many trot singers these days.

5. A trot Idol

6. trot idol girl group!

7. Kim doyoung girlfriend

8. Doesn’t look like Tiffany at all

9. doesn’t look like at all

10. Tiffany has a boyfriend

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