Wonho of MONSTA X is suspected of smoking marijuana in 2013 .. Jung Da Eun testifies

Source : TheQoo

1. I’m sorry for the fans who didn’t even know he was like this.

2. I defended this kid well. How can you believe this druggie?

3. Where the hell is the DEA?

4. I’m surprised that such a criminal debuted as a singer.

5. He pretended to be out for the group members, but he was a bitch.

6. Oh, my God, if it’s all true, it’s probably the most amazing thing to do with an idol.

7. What were you thinking about when you got the drug test, but you made a comeback?

8. Actually, I thought this was your last shot, but you blew it earlier? LOL

9. Wow, I’m freaking out about what you’ve been doing.

10. The mere sight of this gives me a sense of what character Jung-da is like;
Wonho went to juvie in 2008 and when he was a trainee in 2013, if he was doing that, he would never be a man.

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