(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon “I became a singer thanks to Incheon… My hometown is Gangnam”

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon appeared on the October 30 broadcast of ‘Radio Star’

“I heard that Soyeon became a singer thanks to Incheon.”

“I saw the audition in Incheon and passed it, the audition in Seoul was closed so I took a two hour subway ride to get to Incheon and passed”

When asked where she was from, Soyeon confided and said that she was “originally from Gangnam , Gaepo-dong” Host Kim Gura smiled saying “Gangnam is a little psychologically distracting,” with a disappointed look on his face , drawing laughter.

Original Post : Nate

1. [+0, -2] I thought you were from the country side.

2. [+1, -0] Mecca in Incheon is no longer Bupyeong

3. [+3, -0] When asked about your hometown, did you mean Seoul not Gangnam?


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