Kim Poong had a small wedding ceremony

Kim Jeong-hwan better known as Kim Poong whom is a web artist, popular as a cast member in the variety show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator from JTBC.

Kim Poong got married and had a small wedding ceremony with a non-celebrity bride at the restaurant of Chef Yoo Hyun Soo. Kim Poong’s bride is a 9 years younger than him working for a large conglomerate company. They wanted to have a small wedding ceremony discreetly but when he checked there were SNS and articles that he was getting married so now it’s all blown up, “Only relatives came to the private wedding. No celebrities.” Kim Poong’s wedding is hosted by Webtoon writers Lee Mal-yeon and Ju Ho-min.

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Post [+114] [-56]

1. [+229] [-28] There are 250 guests, but small weddings?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+145] [-10] Isn’t Kim Poong a non-entertainment person?lol ㅋㅋ

3. [+43] [-4] Congratulations. Have a happy life

4. [+31] [-21] A non-entertainer marries a non-entertainment person

5. [+10] [-7] Nine-year-younger beautiful woman working for a big company. Don’t write this. Why should it appear in the article? Too boring.

6. [+5] [-2] I’m getting married today, too. She’s just finished. Congratulations.^^

7. [+5] [-3] congratulations! who cares!

8. [+2] [-0] Congratulations~ Happy life!~~^^

9. [+2] [-1] What is a non-celebrity? what is a celebrity? Common and non-entertainment are words that have a common sense of meaning, but not a good word choice

10. [+14] [-14] I’m not married!

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