‘Hollywood star is here’… Tiffany, a provocative stage costume


Tiffany, a member of girl group Girls’ Generation, boasted a provocative charm.

Tiffany posted a number of photos on her personal instagram on Tuesday, captioned with “glo” in the photo, where she poses in a variety of colorful stage costumes that show off her body.

The netizens who saw it left a variety of comments such as “Real goddess”, “Return of Diva”, “You are the best girl”.

Meanwhile, Tiffany held a world tour ‘Magnetic Tour’ in various parts of the US in October.

[Photo = Tiffany Instagram]

Original Post : Naver

1. [+46, -5] What’s going on? Americans who mimic American singers.

2. [+10, -1] It’s not provocative….

3. [+4, -1] Not a Hollywood star. I admit it.

4. [+5, -2] It’s great for a party

5. [+4, -1] ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

6. [+2. -0] cheap

7. [+1, -0] Try Hard

8. [+0, -0] It’s provocative in a different sense.

9. [+0, -0] Get married

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