Jung Woo-sung appears at a dinner party for workers

Jung Woo-sung appears at a dinner party for workers.

SBS One Night of TV Entertainment aired on Monday revealing the behind-the-scenes story of a photo of Jung Woo-sung who appeared at a dinner drinker party with a few office workers drinking “So-Maek” (Beer + Soju)  together.

“He stopped by with a unique look on his face and we all stopped to watch him take a shot which felt like a commercial or hologram”

Original Post : Nate

1. [+891, -57] What kind of beer did Jung Woo drink?♥

2. [+11, -2] Wow, you’re so handsome. Wow.

3. [+5, -11] Bye me a drink

4. [+4, -2] It’s like a gentleman’s due diligence.

5. [+40, -1] That white t-shirt is so stretchy , regular guys cannot pull it off.. only Jung Woo Sung can.

6. [+33, -8] I’m going to get drunk today

7. [+46, -8] Jung Woo Sung is a top star. He’s very communicative.

8. [+22, -2] I’m wearing a white shirt and white pants. I can only see Jung Woo Sung’s face.

9. [+38, -12] Fan service!

10. [+18, -1] Jung Woo-sung is great ~ ^^

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