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Irene Red Velvet Profile
Birth Name: Bae JooHyun (배주현)
Stage Name:  Irene (아이린)
Position: Group Leader, Rapper , Dancer
Birthday: Friday, March 29, 1991 (Good Friday)
Zodiac: Aries (The Ram)
Height: 160 cm (5’2″)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood Type: A
Home town : Daegu, Buk-gu , South Korea
Instagram: @renebaebae

     Irene Red Velvet Profile : Irene was born in Daegu, South Korea in the Buk-gu “Northern District”. Her mother and father runs a family restaurant along with a younger sister, whom helps out with the business. Irene is really protective and concerned about her family’s privacy, so there has not been many regards to her family in the media. One day a fan came by the restaurant and saw her sister and mother working there, the fan said that her sister does not look like her but is also pretty in her own way. Irene would often go to her sisters school to bring canteen meals and became popular as the “Pretty Unnie” and when asked if they fought a lot, her sister said that she treated her really well so they would never fight.

     In the 5th year of elementary school she was an announcer for her school broadcast and had danced to TVXQ’s rising sun for the talent show. During this time she had dreams of being an entertainer and wanted to be a news caster and later attended Haknam high school in Daegu. When she was in the 10th grade, she followed a friend to an audition for S.M Entertainment and on the spot decided to audition herself. After the audition she thought things didn’t go too well and that she had failed and was quite disappointed in herself. It wasn’t until two years later when she was in the 12th grade and out of the blue got a surprise call  from S.M Entertainment informing her that she was accepted into the company, but when she told her her parents they intervene saying that she was too young and should go for it when she got a little older which was why she did her training late. From that moment on Irene’s dream came true and with hard work, training and dedication joined the ranks of S.M Entertainment in 2009 as a trainee for 5 years and officially debuted with Red Velvet on August 1, 2014 with the fitting title of “Happiness“.

Irene Red Velvet Facts

  1. During her pre debut years she was a part of “SM Rookies” team along with her group mates , Wendy , Seulgi and Yeri and during this time she was promoted by making cameos in Henry’s “143” Music Video @ 1:40 mark and SHINee Why So Serious? @ 1:54 mark along with Kyuhyun’s “At Gwanghwamun” @ 4:27
  2. Made her acting debut in web drama “Game Development Girls” as the female lead named A-reum
  3. Her nicknames are BaeChu which is derived from her name Bae + Joo meaning Cabbage in Korean and Hyun-ah (which her mom calls her) and the one that she prefers. She is also sometimes called “The Second Tiffany” because she looks similar to Tiffany from Girls Generation.
  4. When Irene was a trainee she rarely spoke and when she did so it was in short sentences like “Hello” and walked away so people thought she was scary and not very out going. The reason she did so was because she had a strong Daegu dialect that was hard to understand which she was trying to hide it. She eventually changed her dialect to “Gyeonggi Seoul dialect ” to match everyone else’s and only spoke to her family in her original dialect but occasionally it would come out when she’s overly excited.
  5. Her favorite artist and role model is BoA , whom is also an artist with S.M Entertainment.
  6. She dislikes coffee, beer and chicken! When she was young she became sick and dizzy from eating chicken and has never eaten it since.
  7. Irene has Acrophobia , which is the fear of heights and is also afraid of fireworks and firecrackers.
  8. She is a very shy person and not very open at first but once you get to know her, she is said to be very affectionate and playful.
  9. She is designated the color Pink and her favorite color is Purple
  10. Her special talents are modern dance , singing , acting and rapping.
  11. Her favorite number is “43” which means “I love you in Korean” and her favorite movie is “The Notebook”
  12. She is the oldest member of Red Velvet with an 8 year age difference between her and Yeri.
  13. Her hobbies are dancing and cooking seaweed soup for other Red Velvet members.
  14. She is close friends with f(x)’s Amber during her trainee days and her best friend is her band mate Seulgi
  15. She is really sensitive to smell and would often keep nice smelling fragrances around.
  16. She likes collecting purple things like notes and journals.
  17. Irene expresses that she has a longing to go to Canada and check out her band mate Wendy’s house.
  18. She has great chemistry with Park Bo Gum with whom she hosted Music Bank with from May 2015 till June 2016 so many netizens often match her him him.
  19. Her favorite smell is fresh clean laundry.
  20. She likes to do Doraemon imitations.
  21. She attended Inji Elementary School, Woon-am Middle School and then Haknam High School
  22. Her ideal guy is someone who is nice, friendly and warm.
  23. She used to share a room with her other Red Velvet band mates Seulgi and Wendy. Since moving to a new dorm they all have their own rooms.
  24. Irene has a insecure personality where she’s always asking people if she’s done good or not and is not good at telling people her problems.
  25. She doesn’t like loud places and loud music.
  26. Her favorite ice creams and flavors are Almond Bonbon , Vanilla , Green Tea & Strawberry
  27. At night time she likes to go to Ttukseom Island by the Hangang River to sit and meditate with a mat.
  28. She has a habit of being very clingy and likes to cling onto other peoples arms.
  29. She is the most flexible member in Red Velvet. Her band mate Wendy caught her sleeping multiple times with her legs fully split and when asked, she said it was comfortable for her.
  30. Her preferred fashion choice is comfortable and loose clothing.
  31. Her favorite genre of music is ballads and rock but these days she likes quiet and relaxing music.
  32. Her motto is “Concentrate On Positivity”

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