Narsha said she stopped drinking because of her husband

On JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” Brown Eyed Girls Narsha appeared on the show and talked about how she quit drinking because of her husband. “I loved alcohol, but I stopped drinking after meeting my husband”, “One day he came home and saw me really drunk and asked me to stop, so i did.. Before I stopped drinking, I was almost a drunk. I was always stressed while I was active but I couldn’t tell anyone so I drank alone. The amount of alcohol that i drank had no limits.” she said.

Narsha whom has has been married for 3 years said, “It’s so good to be married. I don’t want to divorce. My husband is more important than alcohol.”

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1. [+123, -1] Beautiful

2. [+2952, -9] Yeah, well, how good is it to get along with each other.. Husband makes effort for his wife, wife is also trying hard for her husband… but these days, people always think about what’s to gain and lose.

3. [+683, -20] Narsha Fighting! ~^^

4. [+295, -8] I hope you’ll live happily with each other.~~

5. [+195, -3] I’m crying.That’s very true. When I meet someone who doesn’t drink, I want to drink alcohol. When I meet someone who doesn’t drink, I want to drink alcohol that I can’t. How nice it would be to meet someone who can change me so well. .Narcia has a good family. Always be happy.

6. [+160, -6] It’s amazing when an alcoholic can quit drinking.

7.  [+232, -23] Narsha was so funny today ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+232, -23] Wow, Yubin is pretty ㄷㄷㄷ

9. [+97, -1] In the past, it was said that drinking was a fun social life but it’s wrong. Alcohol has a lot more negative elements such as waste of money, family worry, health loss, poverty, loss of face , debt , bad odor .. Narsha welcome back

10.[+91, -1] It’s really great to give up something you really love for another person.

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