SuperM’s ranking totally tanked


Via : Pann

1. [+125, -41] Even their Youtube views are not that impressive , the so called “Avengers of Kpop” are only mediocre.

2. [+92 -89] Excessive pride from SM’s boss to have them try and beat all other boy bands when they are doing fine on their own.

3. [+52 -7] I want to dismantle SuperM

4. [+26, -1] No matter how much you swear at Super M, there is no damage to the fans.

5. [+26 -4] BTS be like LUL

6. [+23 -10] Lee Soo-man is so… Envious of BTS, you’ve lost your reputation on the Billboard charts.

7. [+15, -0] Don’t you think this will hurt them?

8. [+13 -2] SuperM is a group that has no chemistry

9. [+12 -0] 12 hours 3 million views on youtube is not bad.

10. [+11, -12] No matter how much I try to go to the US broadcasting again I am not really popular, will you call it there?

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