Song Min Ho “Worst lyrics in the history of the music industry”

Song Min Ho Worst Lyrics
Song Min Ho, better known as Mino from popular group Winners is forced to  apologize to gynaecologists everywhere after he was found to have rapped about lyrics that sexually humiliated woman by telling girls to “spread their legs.”

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1. [+232, -23] You’re crazy!

2. [+211, -22] I hate you

3. [+208, -60] Why aren’t you buried?

4. [+51, -70] Song Minho is very careless. He wrote the lyrics. We think the rest of the rappers will be different?LOL. Honestly, those who wanted to rap and write lyrics and perform underground must have written lyrics like that at the beginning of their debut. He has a lot of dirty lyrics to say, and he’s sorry about his debut. This is how you go about it.

5. [+0, -0] Where are you going to the pharmacy?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+2, -0] Song Min Ho isn’t the best singer, the lyrics are dirty.

7. [+8, -3] This is not acceptable even if you apologize. That’s the worst of it’s the worst.

8. [+5, -4] Did Song Min-ho make a music video of it?

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