KPOP Idols who resemble each other

1. April Naeun, Loona’s Chu

For your information, Lee Na-eun is wearing suspenders.

2. Seventeen Joshua & Oh My Girl Binnie , B1A4 Gongchan


4. Lee Min-hyuk of BTOB and Choi Soobin of TXT

5. It’s Ryujin of ITZY and actress Han So Hee

6. EXO D.O. and actress Kim Hyang-gi

7. 7. Lovelyz Jisoo Lovelyz Yein

8. Produce 101 Joo Changuk, SHINee’s Onew

9. Twice Sana Kim Woo-seok

In addition, even if you are not an idol, tell us how you look like other celebrities!!

BTS Jin and Juhaknyeon (The Boyz) from Primary school year

Han Ga-in , ZE:A Kim Dong-jun

Source : Pann

1. Wow comparing Han Ga-In to Kim Dong-jun is pretty scary

2. BTS Jin looks dorky when he was young.

3. J-Hope Kim Ki-soo…

4. When BLACKPINK debuted, people said I looked like Jenny Son Na-eun

5. Number 8 looks really alike

6.  How can both Lovelyz members look alike? wouldn’t people be confused?!

7. i like Naeun and Chu

8. Lovelyz Ryu Soo-jeong and aoa Mina’s faces are not similar, but the atmosphere and position are the same

9. Alot of idols look the same , pointy nose , small chin plastic surgery

10. Kim Dong-jun scary!

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