Rainbow to reunite after 3 years since their break up

Seven member girl group Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!

Rainbow, who announced a sudden breakup three years ago are still cheering for each other and often showed their strong friendship by uploading group photos.

Recently, each member posted a unique color of Rainbow on their SNS.


post hash tag!

I can’t believe it. . . . . .

Rainbow will be releasing a new song to celebrate their 10th anniversary!

After the break-up of the group,

Leader Kim Jaekyung came forward and took the lead in bringing the group back together. Their former agency allowed the group to spend their anniversary together.

By taking pictures of the members

We’re going to reveal this in a special way.

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1. [+272. -4] I think it’s great that 7 people can get together like that. In many cases, the same group is not close.

2. [+20, -2] Rainbow had alot of good songs,  it was my school memories.

3. [+19, -4] Long-term reunion?

4. [+18, -3] Wow, Fans must have been very emotional when they posted that on Instagram. ㅠㅠ

5. Wow, it’s a memory. Rainbow song has many songs. There were a lot of members, but they were really good together.

6. [+20, -4] They are really hot

7. [+8, -2] DSP still allowed them to use their name

8. [+33, -3] I’m rooting for Rainbow.

9. [+20, -3] Don’t disband!

10. [+10, -1]  Rainbow. It was the first girl group I’ve ever liked. Time flies

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