Food that only people from Incheon would know

Food that only people from Incheon would know

I really saw first time.

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1. I can’t say it tastes bad.

2. Don’t you know the eggplant?

3. I’m from Incheon, but I don’t know.

4. I don’t know only about Incheon and Russia. I only know about the pubs that lived in a certain district.

5. I came from Bupyeong, elementary, middle and high school, but I don’t know.

6. I have lived in Incheon for 30 years and I don’t know.

7. Didn’t YG tell fans not to come? You don’t listen so much.

8. That’s delicious.

9. I was also from Incheon but I didn’t know.

10. It’s my first time seeing it? -Incheon

11. I’ve lived here for more than 30 years, and I don’t know that.

12. I am from Incheon..Don’t know

13. I am from Incheon, but I tried it once. Is it 100 won at Sungui-dong’s snack bar My friend asked me why I don’t know this.

14. I’m from Incheon. I ate it at home.

15. That’s amazing. You’re selling something like that?LOL

16. In Africa, they put chili sauce on the street and they sell it. It’s so f*king delicious.

17. I’ve only had a little bit of soy sauce on my eggs.

18. I can imagine it tastes like water cold noodles.

19. You sell that?

20. It’s amazing.


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