K-pop group to be on stage at all four major US music awards

Silver BTS

62nd Grammy Music Awards

Old Town Road Live Performance by Lil Nax and More

Member rm has a history of participating in the Reels Remix

2019 Billboard Music Awards

A Poem for Small Things with Halsey

2017 American Music Awards
American debut stage

2020 Video Music Awards
First stage to be released
August 30

Source: TheQoo

1. My mom is buying big hit stocks

2. I Hope BTS will last a long time

3. I’m so proud of BTS! Good Job!

4. August 21 at 1 pm New song dynamite will be released

5. History is in the making

6. BTS is real

7. The VMA stage is first, but the prize was won earlier

8. Crazy Real

9. 👏👏👏👏 *clap clap clap* bts it’s real

10. Where is the BTS Grammy!



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