Nayeon from Twice has a stalker who looks serious

This guy Yosh from Germany is obsessed and delusional that he is dating Nayeon from Twice.

When I came to Korea in October, I tried to find out where the members were staying.

I’ll be back in December and look for Nayeon for two months.

original post: theqoo

1. What a crazy bitch

2. ????????.??????? Whats up with this crazy f*ckin freaky freak!

3. Scary..

4. We must send him to a mental hospital quickly; how can we not take action?

5. I thought it was humorous , but it’s creepy!

6. This i scary , get in touch with the fans as soon as possible.

7. Hull.. (Lol)

8. Is there something that the company can do? It’s obviously a disease.

9. What the hell is this guy?

10. Can’t you stop him from entering the country?

Source = NetizenBuzz

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