BTS group shot introducing new products by Samsung

Source: TheQoo

1. I’m so cool in a suit boy group.

2. After that, the taste of large companies is good

3. J-Hope pose came out the best, and Sugar and V are low chairs, so it will affect the pose and V is scared.

4. Big companies are different

5. Now it’s not a boy group, shouldn’t it be a grown-up?

6. Samsung image itself seems to be refreshed because it is wearing a suit and holding the Galaxy line.

7.  🐥(Jimin)Galaxy Z Flip (Bronze)
🐿(J-Hope)Galaxy Note 20
🐹(Jin)Galaxy Z Fold 2
🐱(Sugar)Galaxy Tab S7/S7+(?)
🐨(RM)Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
🐻(B)Galaxy Buzz Live
🐰(Jungkook)Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buzz Live

8. Not really feeling J-Hope and Sugar

9. It’s all good, but it’s a pity that Jungkook came out slightly awkward because of one of the knees. Wow, Hoseok’s legs look scary and long.

10. V I wasn’t holding anything, so I was proud of the model hahahahahahahahahaha

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