A girl group that resembles MOMO Hirai from Indonesia


Source : Instiz

1. It looked alike, but not enough to mistake it for Momo…

2. It looks like a momo that came out less like momo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
But I think I would have thought it would have been Momo if i knew that it wasn’t Momo hahahahahaha

3. If you just glance at it, it looks like a real momo and the eyes look alike ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. I would have been deceived if I saw her

5. Something looks like a chubby Momo lol

6. At first glance, I think you’re just a person who resembles Momo hahahahahahahaha It’s Momo!!! I don’t know, I want to be a person who resembles Momo

7. It looked alike, but it may be confusing to a person who is not a fan, but when I see it, it looks like a different person.

8. It looks like a really bad Momo lol

9. They look alike, but they don’t she look like Momo.

10. It’s amazing that there is a girl group in Indonesia, and it’s amazing that everyone thinks they have similar faces


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