Kyla, who was mainly ignored by Pristin fans.


When I was in Pristine, I was ridiculed by Korean men and eventually stopped working.

In America, she is happily dating a western man who loves people no matter what their weight.

Via : Pann

1. [+368, -5] Hull (LOL) first picture.

2. [+171 -1] It’s great that she’s retired and a normal person now.. on top of that she found herself a boyfriend . which is still a success

3. [+130 -10] that was like me at school vs the popular girls.

4. [+123, -0] I’m still happy that at least 1 person is still taking pictures of her.

5. [+81 -0] Pristin had a lot of fans, and in fact, it was the most problematic thing, and their cheering was also very different.

6. [+68 -4] A handsome Western man than 100 ugly guys from Hannam-dong … is better… hoo… I envy you ㅜㅠ

7. [+60, -3] Hey, write the title correctly. It’s not a fan, it’s a bunch of pigs.

8. [+40, -59] I think weight is not the problem

9. [+10 -14] Of course they are going to take pictures of the popular members more because it pays them more.

10. [+4, -10] Yea every asian girl loves white guys

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