Sam Okyere , You’re full of poop ㅡㅡ

You’re full of it

Via : Pann

1. [+241, -16] Your livelihood is gone , see how fast you change your behavior?

2. [+196 -15] Oh , Too late

3. [+209 -14] Wow , I hate it

4. [+48, -25] You guys are hypocrites , just because Sam was mocking what they did to him its wrong yet when those guys did the black face it was ok?

5. [+122 -7] Sam doesn’t really like our country.. lets not be fooled.

6. [+74 -0] Go to your country and make money, not Korea, where racism happens frequently.^^

7. [+53, -26] Well we did the black face thing and he did the eye thing to mock us back but it doesn’t who was wrong? he was just showing us how we were like.

8. [+31, -30] What’s wrong with Okyere? You don’t have to criticize yourself for being racist. We just have to be more careful. Why is Okyere being criticized? If you’re black, don’t you think it’s racial discrimination?

9. [+22 -9] It’s not good to be alone.LOL. I don’t care if you don’t like Okyere or not. If you don’t like Okyere or not, our people are going to discriminate against foreign workers and get embarrassed. Can’t you stop saying that? If you’re going to do it, just criticize Okyere.

10. [+4, -10] Oh Okyere I’m very uncomfortable, too. Reflect on yourself.

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