Controversy over the assault and sexual assault of minors…EBS decides to stop Tok! Tok! Boni, Hani

EBS Children’s Program ‘Tok! Tok! Boni, Hani’s host, singer Lee Eui-woong (left) and Busters Chae-yeon (real name Kim Chae-yeon).

EBS Tok! Tok! Boni which has been embroiled in controversy over abuse and sexual harassment of minors, will temporarily stop broadcasting. According to EBS officials on the 12th, EBS held an executive meeting this morning and decided to stop broadcasting. It also decided to dismiss the office of director of infants and children and chief of children and children.

The day before Boni Hani Buster Chae Yeon (15) was assaulted by gagman ‘Dangdang man’ Choi Young-soo (35) and sexually harassed by ‘Money’ Park Dong-geun (37).

In response, “EBS will immediately suspend the appearance of the two people, and will thoroughly check and improve the overall production to prevent similar recurrences in the future through a full review of the selection process of all programs, disciplining program officials, and improving the production system. We apologize.”

Via Nate

The latest Netizen Buzz

1. [+2799 -114] EBS is almost 80%, 90% of the kids are watching.

2. [+2725, -97] Chaeyeon, should get another job, and I hope Choi Young-soo and Park Dong-geun will be expelled from EBS.

3. [+1830 -45] What the…

4. [+255 -5]  I’m worried that Chae Yeon will feel guilty on her own.

5. [+170 -9] what kind of broadcast is it? You know, you just have to cut them off

6. [+151, -5] Minor assaulter and sexual harassment victim, Chae-yeon and other performers cut off her meal.

7. [+124, -3] I think it’s right. And besides the two controversial people, I want you to take disciplinary action.

8. [+91, -3] Especially for children. It was very involved in violence and sexual harassment. Hani has had a hard time. Ugh.

9. [+84, -3] You have to give the victim a new job and get the rest out.

10. [+72, -2] EBS knows it’s a big deal, too.

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